Stop dragging kids away from their screens

I mitten av maj var jag iväg till en av de största startup- och techmässorna The Next Web i Amsterdam. En av grundarna till konferensen Boris VVZ skriver en liten betraktelse om skärmtid som jag tycker var fin: Stop dragging kids away from their screens.

Han har två huvudpoänger:

  • Att vuxna i alla tider har förfasat sig över dagens ungdom
  • Att barnen kanske behöver göra exakt det de vill göra ibland

See my point? I once heard a myth that at one point French politicians debated whether to ban the ‘Chaise longue’ (basically a couch) in France because they were afraid it would become popular and prevent children from – surprise – playing outside.

So here’s a thought: Maybe kids need to sit in a corner and do mind-numbing things as they grow up, Maybe that subtly activates their brain activity and allows them to grow up, build their character and help them adjust to life.

Eller tre kanske det blir eftersom han avslutar med att prata om att alla faktiskt ogillar att bli avbrutna:

That made me think: If that is how we want to teach our children to behave, then why do we get angry with them when they don’t put their phones away the moment we demand their attention? Maybe all we have to give them is a little bit of time.

Tipstack till fenomenala omvärldsbevakaren Mikael Hansson. Följ honom!


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